Healing during the Holidays

November 22nd, 2023

One of the easiest ways to bring healing and wholeness into your holiday is to consciously relax your body.  You can do it in this very moment by simply noticing one place in your body that is tense and intentionally relaxing that body part.  Barbara Brennan said that "the body is the crystallization in the physical world of the energy fields that surround and are part of each person."  Therefore, where there is physical tension, there is energetic tension too.  As we change our body we change our energy and our consciousness.  

So, put this simple tool into your back pocket as you head into the holidays.  When you're having a moment of stress, just notice your body, notice where you are tense.  Put your hand on that part of your body, breathe, and relax.  Through your intention to relax your body in this present moment, you are literally giving yourself healing.  

Hands of Light Workshop in Charlottesville

Exciting news!  Join me in welcoming Donna Evans Strauss, a highly gifted healer and teacher, to Charlottesville this January. Donna and I will lead a transformative 2-day Hands of Light Workshop, delving into the fundamental concepts of energy healing. This workshop will empower you with techniques to sense and regulate your energy field, fostering personal healing and deepening self-awareness.  Donna is an amazing healer and teacher and I'm really honored to work with her, offering this workshop in my community.  Register before December 27th for reduced pricing.  You can register here.

Special Holiday Pricing and Gift Cards

To enhance your well being this holiday season, I'm offering a 20% discount on all energy healing services.  This brings the cost of in-person Charlottesville healings down to only $100.  Plus, you can share the gift of healing with loved ones through my discounted gift cards.  Purchases made before January 1st will enjoy the same 20% discount when used in 2024.  To make a purchase, simply email me.

Graduation Reflection

July 1st, 2023

Last weekend I graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.  My wife, Ann, and all three of my step kids came to Miami to attend commencement.  Among the many changes I've seen in my life over these past four years, my improved relationship with my step kids has been probably the most surprising.  

In this last year of school, I discovered a new ability to love and nurture myself -- acknowledging and gently holding the vulnerable and tender parts of myself.  Simultaneously with this, I saw my step kids showing up in my life in ways I had not noticed before.  In December, they surprised me by all showing up for my birthday dinner, and in June when I invited them to come to Miami for my graduation, they all three bought plane tickets the very next day.  Woah!  I felt so appreciated.  My whole perspective on my family changed.

As I look back, I see that loving myself more, and especially the vulnerable parts of myself, has allowed me to be more vulnerable, less defended, and more accepting of others.  And all of this has translated into allowing more love into my life.  I was (and still am) amazed at how effortlessly the external world changed when I changed myself.  

So, I'm feeling a lot of gratitude for this journey through school, and for all the people that supported me along the way, including, and especially, my wife Ann and my step kids, Michael, Rachael, and Sam.