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Please email me to request a session.  I will be glad to find a time to meet with you.

Brennan Energy Healing

Healing sessions are $150 for 60 minutes or $225 for 90 minutes. 
A 15-minute consultation is available for new clients at no charge.

Sessions may be in-person or long distance.  In-person sessions are available in Charlottesville and Takoma Park.  Sessions in Takoma Park are available only on weekends by advanced appointment90 minutes is recommended for the initial session to allow additional time for discussion of your health history and desired outcomes.

House call in-person healings are $150 per hour (including one-way travel time).

Joint healing and embodiment coaching sessions with Anand and Ann Kite are $300 per hour.

QEST4 Bio-Energetic Assessment and Treatment

I also utilize the QEST4 system to assess and treat energetic disturbances.  I recommend QEST4 sessions for energetic treatment of physical symptoms, especially if the underlying cause is unclear.  The QEST4 system is not a substitute for medical care provided by a licensed provider, but it can be a complementary part of your holistic healing plan.

QEST4 sessions are $150 for 60 minutes and include: assessment scans, in-person treatment, energetic homeopathic imprinting of two solutions for at-home treatment, and a schedule of recommended herbal and homeopathic supplements.

Sessions are offered in-person or long-distance by sending a hair sample though the mail.  QEST4 sessions may be combined with Brennan Energy Healing.