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Release what is blocking you from the life you long for.

I help clients release old patterns, transform themselves, and transform their lives through a complementary healing modality known as Brennan Healing Science (BHS).  Created by Dr. Barbara Brennan, BHS is a type of energy healing that supports self transformation on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.  BHS is known for helping clients:

clear stagnant emotions such as depression, anger, or shame,

understand and change unhealthy thought and belief patterns,

support their body's ability to heal physical illness, and

decrease recovery time after injury or surgery.

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What is energy?

The consciousness of every human being exists as a field of energy* that interpenetrates and surrounds the physical body.  Having a charged and balanced energetic field is synonymous with having physical health and is necessary for creating what we long for in our lives.  The human energy field has been observed, studied and treated by healthcare practitioners of various disciplines for millennia.  Acupuncturists call it "chi".  Yogis and Ayurvedic practitioners call it "prana".  These are different terms for the same energetic expression of consciousness. (click for more)

The human energy field is holistic -- incorporating physical consciousness, emotional consciousness, mental consciousness, relational consciousness, and spiritual consciousness.  Our physical health is intimately related to all aspects of our consciousness, and vice a versa.  

In the west, the existence of a human energy field has not yet become main stream within science, but corollaries that support the principles of energy medicine continue to become more and more widely accepted.  The placebo effect, for example, demonstrates that simply believing one will recover can improve a patient's health.  Meditation has been found to lower blood pressure, improve sleep, and reduce anxiety and depression.  More and more doctors are beginning to recognize energy healing as a valid path to recovery from disease, whether it be physical or psychological.

* Those with a scientific perspective may get tripped up by the use of the word "energy".  Within physics and engineering, the term energy has a very specific meaning as the ability to do work.  We use the same word within energy medicine but with a different meaning: within the domain of energy medicine energy is consciousness.  The direct experience of consciousness as a field reveals similarities to electromagnetic, thermodynamic, and magnetohydrodynamic phenomena.  In the same way that an electric field can penetrate and surround an object, can store energy or release it, can induce change in the physical world, so energy penetrates, surrounds, accumulates or decreases, and induces physical change.  Thus, it is not surprising the the terms energy and energy field  has been adopted in the west to describe this experience of consciousness.

What is energy healing?

Energy healing (or energy medicine or energy work) is a method for promoting health by working directly with a client's energy consciousness.  The practitioner uses their own energy consciousness to connect to and support positive change in the client's energy consciousness.  When approached in a collaborative manner, with self responsibility and an openness to change, energy healing can be a powerful vehicle for self transformation. (click for more)

In a typical energy healing session, the client lies down and simply receives the work of the practitioner.  Clients often experience deep relaxation and may enter a meditative state or fall asleep.  Because the energy work is passive, it is a wonderful treatment for anyone feeling depleted due to illness, medical treatments, surgeries, insomnia, or stress.  Energy healing may support clients by speeding up the process of physical healing (for example, after surgery), clearing unhealthy emotion, correcting toxic beliefs, changing long-held relationship patterns, and giving clients a direct experience of spiritual consciousness, unconditional love, and life purpose.


While the healing session itself is largely passive, the client's healing journey (which includes and extends beyond the healing room)  requires the client's conscious involvement.  The client's ability to relax into and receive the healing session, their ability to vulnerably and honestly speak their truth, and their ability to integrate the experience of each healing session with self honesty and humility is essential to creating lasting change.  


"I will admit that I was a bit skeptical about energy healing before working with Anand. I have found him to be compassionate, insightful and very professional in his demeanor and approach. More importantly I've been very pleasantly surprised by the results of our work together, I find myself much less burdened by old thought patterns and feelings, much more open to connecting with other people and just feeling happier and more optimistic in general, I wholeheartedly recommend him."
~ Joe (client 2022 - 2023)

"I feel fortunate to have received energy sessions from Anand! The sessions I had with him supported and enhanced the inner work I was focusing on and I continued to feel the effects weeks after the sessions. From the moment we began our process together I sensed and benefited from Anand's power and skill. It was of great value to me to have received the care and trained attention of a safe and present practitioner."
~ Charlotte (client 2023) 

"Through my healing sessions with Anand I have been able to realign with my truest self and my life purpose.  Anand has facilitated deep personal healing through energy work on several levels, working on both specific life issues and my overall higher purpose here."
~ Ben (client 2022 - 2023)

"All healing is coming home to the self."

Barbara Brennan

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About Anand

Anand is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of HealingHe also has a Master's Degree in physics and divides his time between seeing energy healing clients, producing 5Rhythms® classes and workshops with his wife, Ann Kite, and working for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.  He is passionate about helping clients achieve holistic health, recognize their inherent gifts, and create the life they long for through self transformation.  Anand is also interested in the study and understanding of healing and human consciousness, and brings his scientific experience and precision into the healing room.  He and his wife live just outside Charlottesville, Virginia with his three step kids, two dogs, and two cats.